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We take cases involving family violence very seriously.

In cases of abuse or the threat of imminent harm to an adult, child or member of a household, protective orders are often obtained in order to keep the offending party a minimum distance from the harmed party and/or child.

Once granted, a protective order that is violated may result in jail time and a fine for the offending party.

Despite what people might think from the outside, leaving an abusive situation is not easy. Victims of abuse often leave their abusive partners an average of 7 times before making the separation final. When a person has been abused, it is important to take advantage of every resource available to keep a victim safe. We offer victims of family violence numerous resources to help them make the transition from victim to life in which they may thrive.

At times parties will make false allegations of family violence – usually a woman alleging that her male partner has abused her. When this situation arises, it is imperative that the accused party’s rights and character are protected so as not to limit the time and relationship he has with his children, or ruin his reputation.