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It does not matter who you are or what your financial situation is. Divorce is tough on everyone. It is hard to cope with the end of a marriage and the changing status of a family. It is important to find people that can support and help you through this difficult time. Aside from the compassion of friends and family, it is vital to find good professional support to help you through the process. When it comes to the legal aspects of a divorce, you need a lawyer you can depend on to make it as easy a process as possible.

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Legal proceedings that concern the safety and welfare of your child are among the most emotional and difficult times a parent will ever experience. Every action, agreement, or court order made in a child custody matter impacts a child’s future, and that is a responsibility we do not take for granted. In Texas, it is public policy for a child to have frequent and continuing contact with both parents. The court has wide discretion in determining what is in a child’s best interest. Since this is a subjective decision to be made by a court, it is important for your attorney to know what a judge wants to hear in order to determine its ruling concerning your child. The court may rule that each parent have almost equal parenting time with their children, or that one parent have a great deal more time with the child than the other parent. That could mean determining with whom a child will live and in what geographic location. Courts will also decide whether your child’s educational and medical needs will be joint decisions between you and the other parent or made independently by both parents.

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Despite what wedding magazines want us to think, sometimes marriages don’t work out. Premarital agreements help assure you that the property you owned before marriage, as well as any income derived from that property, will remain if your “happily ever after” isn’t forever.

When contemplating marriage, couples often agree to enter into a premarital or prenuptial agreement in order to accomplish certain boundaries pertaining to a party’s assets or liabilities. Premarital agreements often serve to protect one spouse from federal income tax debt or other liabilities of the other spouse.

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We take cases involving family violence very seriously.

In cases of abuse or the threat of imminent harm to an adult, child or member of a household, protective orders are often obtained in order to keep the offending party a minimum distance from the harmed party and/or child.

Once granted, a protective order that is violated may result in jail time and a fine for the offending party.


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Going to court can be intimidating, and in most cases, it has become commonplace, if not mandatory, for courts to order parties to mediation before their cases will be set for trial. The majority of the time, this is a positive step.

At Zahn Family Law, we take time to thoroughly prepare for each mediation as thoroughly as if the case were going to trial in order to achieve the best possible result for our clients. Mediation allows parties to determine what their agreement will be without a judge who doesn’t know their circumstances making final decisions about the parties’ lives and children. It is confidential, non-confrontational, far less expensive and much less emotionally trying, than the stress of going to trial to resolve a case.

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